The Origins of Dali Ballooni

Thank you for your genuine interest!

Please see the below image - the white arrow indicated the exact location of my birth.

The History

My parents - Mr Ballooni Senior and my mother Mrs Ballooni - were always fascinated with travel and adventure and fell in love wih each other after their joint trip to the North Pole.

Mr Ballooni Senior on his horse

Mrs Ballooni on a pirate ship

Mr Ballooni Senior on a hot-air balloon

Mrs Ballooni - pregnant with Dali Ballooni Jr

My birth did not come easy on their relationship - it deteriorated to such an extent that they had to abandon their free spirited lifestyle and look after me right until I turned 42 years old.


Their hearts found each other yet again as soon as I found a separate accommodation and left home in pursuit of my own happiness. They lived happily ever after.